Filagra Extra Strong 150 mg

The difference between Filagra Extra Strong 150 mg and Viagra

Why Filagra might be the better choice

In the first place, Filagra serves men who have erectile dysfunction problems and are looking to have a normal sex life again. You could say the sex life will be more than normal when you decide to use Filagra as your potency pill because Filagra not only gives you the chance to get an erection again but also keep this erection for many hours.

You might ask yourself what the differences are between Viagra and Filagra…
Well, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s not really what’s in there.

It’s …
– the name,
– the price and
– the need for a prescription
what makes the real difference. Filagra Extra Strong 150 mg is a generic version of Viagra and is therefore much cheaper. The producers are to find very often in countries where there’s a cheap labor and production cost like in India for example.

The also earn less than the Viagra producers but still a vast amount of money. The production of the drugs isn’t very expensive but Viagra sells its name and it was the first potency enhancer eon the market. Therefore they charge thousands of times more than the actual production cost.

The thing that makes the most difference though is that when men buy Filagra they don’t need a prescription from the doctor, which saves them several things. These things are:

– the hassle, time and embarrassment of having to go to the doctor
– the hassle and embarrassment of having to go to the pharmacy, because they can order it easily online
– money, because men have to get a new prescription every 3 months and pay 150$ for it

Anyway, it IS recommendable though to have a chat with your doctor if you want to start using a potency enhancer, whether it is a generic drug or an original. There are many side effects that aren’t mentioned in the instructions, which can occur when you take another medicine or drug combined with Filagra or any other potency pill.
We also recommend to make your own little research about the potency pills that you are thinking about using to counteract your potency issues to then make your own choice that seems right for you because there are more than just Viagra and Filagra Extra Strong 150 mg on the market and we all are individuals with different needs. Therefore, make a good research before taking Filagra and Co.